20 November 2015

Knovember Knights

I've blatantly stolen the title of this post from Erny (do go and read his blog if you don't already) as it fits this post perfectly. Perhaps I should take inspiration from his Orctober success and encourage chivalric geeking next (k)November?

But back to today and the three reasons for stealing the title.

First, battle is soon to be joined. Based on the Combat of the Thirty, Whiskey Priest and Lenihan (I think) have devised a free-roaming foot tournament in an Oldhammer styleee for some of us Ogres to play on Erny's kitchen table tomorrow. My first adult-adult gaming for months!

Apparently there'll be jousting, too!

Second, guided by the enthusiasm of MiniRab#1 (nature or nurture?), the first adventurous focus of my Nagademon scribblings will be on the knightly. Wodden sords at the ready!

Third, MiniRab#2 got a really cool art book showing you how to use thumb prints to make pictures. He did me a great little Sunday-afternoon-film "red indian" and talked me through the instructions to make this:

I think I've found my illustration style for the game #1 and I are writing!

Don't forget to smile,


  1. Give me a heads up and I'll surely do Knovember Knights, Knext year. ;) I absolutely love the thumb print art style for Wodden Sords & Sheilds. Also enjoying the Averaigne campaign immensely, TPK not withstanding. Reminds me that I need to get back to Knight's quest. I'm also reading through Adventurer, Conqueror, King and their first published scenario.

    1. Excellent - it's (k)now a Thing :)

      I'm glad you're enjoying the other bits I've been getting up to. ACK has some good internet support around mapping and scaling which I've found useful while setting up Averaigne.