28 November 2015

The restless dead

No, not a miserablist prog band, but an impulse buy that arrived over the last couple of days. A little late, but worth the wait...

I fell for one of the Black Tree Design sales and grabbed a small bunch of undead types (along with a not-Gandalf-the-Grey and a "goblin princess" who's bound to end up as a plot point in the future) which gives me a solid WFB3-sized unit of skellies with spears, a few wraiths, and a pair of undead champions. It should have been three, but something went wrong with the mould for the third and so, after a pleasant email exchange regarding missing bits and a few weeks' delay, I was also sent a few more skeletons to compensate (third picture). Nice chap, that John Olsen. All twenty-four members of the skeleton unit are now ready for sand on the base and undercoating. Maybe next month should be "Dead-cember"?

That last photo also shows part of my other recent purchase - ebay bargains!

The two AD&D books are hardback (not sure they've ever been read. Hordes is softback but no spine problems at all

All that for £7.99! Whoop! And they're in perfect condition :)

In actual gaming news, there's been a bit of a hiatus in our Swords & Wizardry campaign owing to player illness or absence, so we've been enjoying some Avalon, The Resistance, and Lunch Money instead. Actually, "enjoying" might be too strong for Lunch Money - it's a bit too... rough for me to feel entirely comfortable playing it with students, so I think we'll give it a miss in future. A well-designed game, nevertheless.

There was also plenty of knightly fun and games with the other OGRE's last weekend, but I'll photo-dump that in another post.

Stay healthy,


  1. Looks like they're just waiting for Treps' and Nico's shields !
    I'm mildly super jealous of your ravening hordes I have to say ;)

    1. Those shields are hugely tempting...

      As for Hordes. Jealous? But I paid a whole £2.99 for it! ;)