5 September 2016

Boney ogres

Last Deadcember I purchased two skeleton ogres from Ral Partha and blogged about how one might use them in WFB 3rd edition. I was quite pleased with my noodlings but really wanted a unit of three so the project stalled.

Enter Justin Coutange on the Oldhammer FB group who sculpted an absolute beauty of a third ogre, excellently picking up on the classic ogre captain by Jes Goodwin, Hrothyogg:

Picture from Stuff of Legends

This is Justin's sculpt on his Golden Age Miniatures blog, along with the two Ral Partha dead ogres:

Neat, eh?

Now, followers of this blog will have spotted that I've not been painting much recently, so I used the evenings of this weekend to break the dry spell and paint up exactly the trio above. Here you go:

And here they are in action, summoned by a necromancer and about to make short work of some noble dwarves. Short work? Short? No? Please yourself...

So, three models I've wanted painted for ages now done, based, and ready to wreak havoc on the gaming table. If I give them Fear and pump up the necromancer it also allows me to field a fully painted 24 point force for Dragon Rampant, ticking off another of my Geekstarter targets.



  1. Eee lad them's proper ogres !!!!
    Love them

  2. Glad they are seeing the paint! Can I link to your photo of the painted ogre from my blog?

    1. Be my guest - it really was a lovely figure to paint. Hopefully we'll see more figures from you in future.