11 September 2016

[Catacombs] Retinues WIP 1

Rather delightfully, new projects (even little side projects) require or allow new miniatures. They are a spur to collecting, modelling, painting. Small projects, particularly those that are self-contained like this, also give a chance to try out new methods or styles knowing that if they prove to be onerous or underwhelming, they aren't going to need to be repeated ad nauseam. Fun, eh?

Here are the retinues for my Catacombs project, in their pre-painted state. I'm not very used to plastic kits, but cutting and sticking three different kits together (Conquest's Dark Age Archers, Fireforge's Foot Sergeants, and a couple of heads from an old GW Bretonnian set) proved rather enjoyable and allowed a certain level of creativity from your truly. They didn't all work out as well as I envisioned, but I tried to be guided by the archery and sword-fighting I've done over the years as I did my best with the nice range of bits in front of me.

The two metal figures, oldhammer stalwarts seeing service, finally, since their moulding in the 80s or 90s, are the two knights who will lead their retainers into the darkness. There is one figure missing from the line-up, the mage. I've chosen a figure that has no company stamp on its slotta base, and merely says "WIZARD" on the other side. He looks decidedly 80s and will fit in nicely.

Speaking of bases, you might have noticed that the figures above have no bases attached to their feet. That's because I'm going to take advantage of the "small project" freedom and try my hand at sculpting some flagstone bases for this lot and then pin/glue them directly in place. I have some Mantic bases that will form the canvas for my putty-pushing.

I'll keep you posted,


  1. Ohh nice idea for the bases.

    How do the Bret heads fit in with the parts from the other company's stuff, I know the modern Perry historical stuff wouldn't fit well, as that's true 25mm/28mm scale, but I haven't seen the other two company's models in the flesh to compare them with the big GW stuff....

    1. Thanks!

      The Bret heads are a fraction larger, but only the tiniest fraction. I think they fit well together with a little putty to hide the different types of head joint. I'll do some closer-ups when they're on their bases; seven down, five to go!

  2. Quite nice looking. Thanks to you, I took a look at the second city Ebay page and now have ideas for about 100 new projects.... so thanks?