2 September 2016

[GS review] - July and August

I realised I never posted July's data, so here I give you a particularly thrilling double whammy of me not quite achieving what I wanted to , except to play more games! Lots more games, particularly Space Hulk, with my two little boys.

The overview:

Over the summer I sold a couple of BloodBowl starplayers, bought a couple of copies of Justin's undead ogre and washes (see Loot post), and then picked up some more clump foliage to finally sort out some trees for my gaming board. I've started painting the ogre, along with the two Ral Partha skeleton ogres I already had, to make a unit for Dragon Rampant. When they're done I can just about field a 24 point warband of undead while still leaving me with something interesting (and attainable!) for Deadcember.

1/4 goals completed.

CORE goals
  • finish painting a 24 point Undead warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Chaos Evil warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Dwarf warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Bretonnian Chivalric human warband
  • paint a 24 point Orc and goblin warband
  • finish my giant (finally!)
  • paint a zombie dragon (that'll be my Deadcember 2016 project, I hope)

1/4 goals +1 stretch completed.

CORE goals
  • model and texture three 100cm by 50cm gaming boards
  • build some trees in scale (ish) with the figures (i.e 6-11 inches tall)
  • convert three chaos centaurs
  • model and texture a fourth gaming board
  • model and texture a fifth gaming board
  • gamify the toy castle I bought last year

1/3 goals completed as originally stated, but I have played some other games as well and am now keeping a total tally in addition to considering my goals.

Dragon Rampant - 4
X-Wing - 2
Swords & Wizardry sessions - 9
Knights' Quest - 1
Blood Bowl - 5 (3 of them on FUMBBL)
Space Hulk - 4
Catacombs - 2

CORE goals
  • play two games of Dragon Rampant with different forces
  • finish writing Knights' Quest
  • write an Oldhammer scenario involving Father Christmas (yes, seriously)
  • Play moar gamez!

Core goals are on target. I'm not sure I can claim they are completed unless I manage it for the whole year, but I'm going to colour them green anyway!

CORE goals
  • blog an average of one post every five days (i.e. six posts per month)
  • give a monthly update of how each of these goals are going
  • give a monthly update of how much I've painted, built, gamed, acquired, and spent
  • co-ordinate Deadcember 2016, along with a prize for the best contribution
  • take a group picture of what I paint each month using my lightbox
  • sort out proper galleries of my figures for this blog

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