15 July 2014

A gigantic giant

Several months back, MarkH (or MeierElfFanatic, depending on which forum you know him through) was having one of his collection refocusing sales and I snapped up some ex-Citadel Foundry handgunners, ten of whom will be seeing action in defence of Thantsant's and Erny's town walls in the BOYL siege in August. Having repeatedly missed out on the Marauder giant on ebay, I also picked up from him a wonderful Larry Elmore giant produced by Darksword miniatures, still sealed in its box... where it remained until today.

Look at that - signed and numbered! Does that make it more valuable/desirable? No idea!

Given how heavy the box was, I was expecting a decent amount of lead and I wasn't disappointed. This critter is HUGE! It was also full of the old-school charm I had hoped from pictures online.

He's a brute! 

I really like the stitching detail on his clothes - chunky and rope-like, linking together what look like whole animal hides. And, as you'll see later in the scale shots, that is basically a whole tree in his fist.

Useful pegs/sockets to hold this model together. It dry-fits together beautifully and will need the barest amount of putty to smooth the joins. Maybe not even that by the time I remove the little nodules of flash and almost invisible mould lines. This is a well-cast piece of kit.

Linking pegs for the legs, too
The various linking and locating pegs on body, arms and legs means that there's not any scope for reposing this beastie without some careful and fairly substantial trimming and pinning. I like the pose, though, so the extra security is fine by me!

No matter what I do, this picture always comes out upside down. Odd!
A nicely expressive head. Almost human, with just the right (for me) hint of bestial with those big teeth.

Now we've reached my favourite detail - the barrel prison! Can you see those halfling hands gripping the bars? There's a scenario in that one detail alone!

I keep saying he's big, but how big is big? This big!

Yup, he's a giant alright, and I'll look forward to painting him in the fairly near future. I think I'll pick up the Expert Flesh paint quintet when I'm at Foundry for BOYL to get smoother transitions on such large areas of skin before I even think of it, though.

What's your favourite giant miniature? And do you have any tips for tackling such a big figure?



  1. Wow! I'm quite familiar with the artwork, but never knew there was this!

    Can't wait to see it painted.

    1. Thanks, Bluey. I'd never seen the model either until I bought it!

  2. My fav is the marauder giant (which I have stripped and ready to put together and paint when time allows).

    Look forward to your take on this big fella.

    1. Me too! But that will have to wait until the autumn/winter, I reckon.