9 July 2014

Stuff from the interwebz #3 - Trees from the green man

First off, for those following the ongoing saga in glorious, high-definition bloggovision, the consensus is to stick with the etched dice, even if it means the BOYL dice arrive after BOYL. The best of a less-than-satisfactory set of options, I feel.

With that out of the way, here's the post I want to share with you. El Senyor Verde of blogging and G+ and doubtless other online outlets has posted a rather snazzy way of producing good-looking trees for wargaming with. Now, I have buildings, a modular river, and even a hill or two but I am seriously lacking in arboricultural terrain around which and through which all manner of derring-do and dastardly villainy can take place in my own pretendy-fun-time elf-games. What I particularly like about this method is that it fits an aesthetic that appeals to me, one which drew me into the slightly over-enthusiastically goat-themed arms of the Oldhammer sphere. Something that looks top notch, but also one which I can imagine being able to achieve. Even more important to me is my hope that my proto-gamer progeny could play an active part in constructing them! Childcare and geeking in one easy package - result!

Here's a picture of the trees:

And here's the all important link to the home of this creativity: click me!

Right, I'm off to order a bag of 83mm golf tees (follow the link first before you judge me!) and some pan scourers to get ready for the inevitable wet-afternoon-with-nothing-to-do in the upcoming summer holidays.



  1. Replies
    1. No probs - when that rainy day comes I'll be sure to post the results.

  2. I agree they're very nice.

    My recipe so far was :
    - picking wooden sticks lyng around
    - getting glue
    - getting lichen (from the forets or railway model shop
    - gluing lichen on the sticks with glue
    - sticking the new trees on a base and basing.

    with a pretty good result, Those look more refined though.

    1. That way sounds good too, but there is something about using the pan scourers that takes me back to my childhood in front of the excellent TV programme, "Blue Peter"... and I can't resist the call!