8 July 2014

Houston, we may have a problem

A problem with our dice. The BOYL dice (goats and so on) that are on order have hit a snag in that the laser engraving machine they were due to be engraved on has, well, blown up. Or broken. Something that can't be fixed by turning it off and on again. The replacement machine, even with us bumped to the head of the queue wouldn't be able to churn them out for us until mid/late August. Too late! They can print the image rather than engrave it, and at a few pennies per dice cheaper, but that may not be what the fine folks who placed an order will want.

If you are a dice orderer for the BOYL 2014 dice, please go to this thread on the Oldhammer forum to let me know how I should sort this out.

Thanks and sorry!


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