26 July 2015

A round up of the gang so far

I'm still playing around with using a black background, as well as the black magic that is "curves" in photoshop, and decided to use my expanding Tzeentch warband for practice. The setting for them is my newest toy, a proper photo tent thing that I was tempted into getting by Alex Haworth on the FB page in our discussion about a coffee table book of Oldhammer miniatures (more on that in future posts, you can be certain!).

It's 50cm across which gives plenty of space to fit in a whole bunch of figures. That said, I nearly didn't post these pictures as I was too impatient to recharge batteries for a proper camera (somebody ran it flat and didn't say...) and just used my rather shoddy phone camera. Still, it was nice to put them all alongside each other and see how far I'm getting along.

First up, the boss.

Next, the beastmen, tzaangors in Realm of Chaos speak.

Then, the undead champion of my band of ne'erdowells, along with the demon contained within his enchanted sword.

I showed the sorcerer and centaur in the last two posts, so rather than show them individually again, here is a group shot, along with the two chaos hounds that are tagging along...

So, what's next? Well, the first step should probably be to get miniatures painted so that I can represent fully on the tabletop my RoC warband as it is on paper. For that I need three more centaurs and three minotaurs as a minimum, a banner-bearer for my beastmen would be ideal (rather than cheating slightly and using the bugbear and his spiky club as a standard). After that, some horrors would be a good idea, and then I'll start thinking ahead to having a small WFB3 chaos army - a fifth centaur, six more beastmen to give me a unit of fifteen, nine more warriors to give me ten, three more dogs, five mounted chaos knights, and a small unit of thugs/barbarians, maybe fifteen of them.

Which obviously I'll complete in short order and without getting distracted, all by the end of the year......

Yours, from cloud-cuckoo land,


  1. That is a cracking effort. BOYL is coming and your going to foundry. . . . what could possibly distract you?

    1. Cheers :)

      Sadly for me (but perhaps not for my wallet) I can't get to BOYL this year, so this is what I'm doing to cheer myself up!

  2. That's a mighty fine looking warband you've got there. Fantastic!

    That light tent set looks just like one I picked up off Ebay a few years back. I didn't find it to be very good though. The lamps were terrible and the bulbs not daylight ones. I think the bulbs lasted a few months before burning out. I replaced them with daylight bulbs but even though I thought I'd got the right type they literally exploded when I switched the lamps on! I'm not convinced light tents/boxes are as necessary as decent lighting.

    1. I'm glad you like the models, but I'm rather alarmed by your feedback on the lighting - I hope I have more luck than you did! At any rate, it gives me a better set-up than I had before.