9 July 2015

Pins 'n putty 'n progress

Apart from one moment when the central pin holding the body to the legs suddenly gave way, just as I'd finished puttying - I was very good and restricted myself to a sigh - I had a rather smooth evening pushing the greystuff around to get this beastie finished. To be honest, I made a much better job of the replacement sculpt than I had with the first attempt which fell apart. It's now sitting at home with the undercoat drying but I thought I'd try a GIF creator with the snaps I took of the bare metal and putty.

I'm not entirely happy with the positioning of the wings - if I lined them up with the stance they tipped the model, if I lined them up with the spine (which I did) they look a little odd across the hump of the shoulders. In the end I decided "sod it, it's a mish-mash-demon-thing, it will look odd - it's got a spider's face for goodness sake!"

Or words to that effect!



  1. I reckon this things gunna look great when it's all painted up!

    I wouldn't worry about the wing alignment, it won't matter once it's done. Sometimes it's hard to tell how a conversion will look until it's been hit with an undercoat....unifies all the different elements into one, whole creation.

    Cool :)

  2. Great job Rab - nice use of the Marauder Spider head.

    I think the wings look fine - like you said, it's a mish-mash demon thingie!

  3. Thanks, chaps! I've given it a grey undercoat and a black wash - when that's dry and I get a minute I'll pop a picture up. I might even start layering up coloured paint on it this evening.....

  4. That face is amazing. It's right out of a grimoire.

    1. It was one of those "I wonder if they'll fit together... oh, look, they do!" moments, so the bizarre ogre head I was going to use got supplanted :)