7 July 2015

Regaining my pinterest

It's been a bit quiet around here lately. Mainly this is because I get to the point in the evening when I'm finished with work I've brought home and think "Too late to start painting now." My solution? Get out the knives, files, clippers, wire and glue... and dive into the bits box to make a monstrosity!

Inspired by the cut'n'shunt mastery of John Blanche and Dale Hurst and the outlandishly chaotic results that followed, I thought a Tzeentchian demon or unaligned gribbly would be the best place to start. Much putty will be added, but for now it's just metal pieces held together with pins. Many pins.

"With some imaginative interpretation of its attributes, I ended up with a
very strange-looking creature." Dale Hurst

So far, it is unnamed but suggestions are very welcome! Can you name all five miniatures that donated parts to bring this monster into being?

As for that painting I wasn't getting round to? An orc, a goblin and my pirate for the Oldhammer sci-fi pirate crew.

The orc's shield won't behave, the goblin's eyes are driving me nuts, and I've utterly ballsed up the urban camo on the pirates trousers... #geekproblems



  1. Just the right kind of conversion ! Fancy creepy bits all added into an elegant monster ! i'm afarid I can only recognise 2 of the bits I'm afraid (probably due to my brains melting under the sun). Really good dynamic to that one !

    The red faced pirate looks excellent, that war paint makes him look menacing as needed.
    Tel those orc and goblin to behave if they want to get finished at some point, otherwise it's acetone time !

    1. Thanks JB, I'm rather pleased I was able to get a fairly upright pose despite the crouched legs, and the spider head seemed to want to be at that slight angle. Now to add some putty...

      I think I shall place my bottle of fairy power spray right next to those greenskins as a warning!

  2. recognise the legs from the old Blood bowl Minatour. LOVED that miniature!

    1. Yup, Zynox is a brute of a miniature - he is the captain of my Chaos Pact team Moloch's Malefactors who incidentally need a run out soon. The spare legs (in a bag of bits from an ebay lot) were just crying out to be used!

  3. I got the minotaur legs. For wings, I don't think they are from a dragon - strange balls at the ends are making me guess minotaur. Head looks like a Marauder spider mount for a goblin.

    1. The wings are from an old Grenadier dragon mount, from their dragon lord range I think. You got the head and legs right! The body is a rat ogre.