25 April 2016

Can't see the bloodbowl for the trees

Busy Rab is busy! But at least I've managed to clean up my sprawl of loose flock and random junk after the mammoth terrain building of earlier this month and get access to my painting table again. To celebrate I based, base-weighted, magnetised, and spray undercoated my main roster players for my orc bloodbowl team. I haven't sprayed the stars yet, and I still need to get hold of a non-duplicate blocker and Varag, as well as stripping Morg, a goblin and Fungus, but progress is being made.

This is the blocker I'm after, by the way:

I also got started on some trees for my table. There are a lot of options for trees out there. Some look like bottle brushes, some look like Christmas cake decorations, some cost a lot, and some require considerable amounts of skill to accomplish.

I cheated.

These are the tree "frames" I got from ebay at £2 for 10, delivered (from China!):

They are slightly bendy, and the little hooked branches catch on everything they come into contact with. The two side branches detach (and actually the nubs they fit onto are a little long to allow them to fit flush to the trunk so I cut them down) and I played around with posing before glueing them in place with polystyrene cement. I also trimmed the peg off the bottom, cut the base flat and glued a length of old Foundry miniatures double-ended spears that I found in a box from about fifteen years ago. These will allow me to spike them in wherever I choose without chewing up my board.

A generous drybrush of a warm greyish colour, some clump foliage glued in place, and I reckon they'll look pretty good.

More when I've done it,


  1. Jolly nice old team there mate - it's always good to see a Grograt ready for paint! :)

    I question your decision on the inclusion of that Morg though... I really don't like that model at all. :D

    1. Neither do I, but he's the one I have. I may hunt down a more contemporary replacement at a later date.

      I'm really looking forward to painting Grograt - now that I've black-washed him I can see just how much detail Bob Olley put into his skin.

    2. Yeah, Bob did some great work on those big guys, albeit not very dynamic. :)