22 April 2016

World's Edge Wyverns - 01

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've recently picked up a 2nd Edition team of orcs for Blood Bowl who I think I will call the World's Edge Wyverns and paint them up in a dusky red and canvas-white scheme.

Yesterday the last parcel from swapping duplicated arrived and I have my team (well, almost - more on that later) ready for prepping:

Including this fine Olley troll who I believe was a named starplayer (Grogrut Crunchskull) in an earlier edition of the game.

Look at all those Olley wrinkles and nubbly bits - he's going to be fun to paint.

Going back to the first picture, the first row is four blitzers. There are only three sculpts for blitzers in this set, so I have a duplicate of Blitzer 02. By the way, I'm using the numbering from Ruediger Rickassel's Blood Bowl Miniatures website - you need to wait a moment for the menu to appear on the left of the page, but otherwise it is excellent and comprehensive.

Row two is the blockers. There are four allowed on the orc roster and, once again, only three sculpts. I have one of sculpt #3 and three of sculpt #2 - I still hope to trade a sculpt #3 for a sculpt #1 so that I have as much variety as possible

I have:

I want:

Can you help?

Carrying on with the draft, I have two of the three thrower sculpts (bottom row) but as there are only two slots for thrower on the team, that suits me fine and I don't feel the need to collect the missing one (sculpt #2).

Next, I have three of the four line-orcs (sculpts #2, #3 and #4) and two of the three catchers (sculpts #1 and #3). There are no dedicated catchers in the current version of the game, so they will also take on lineman duties.I plan to use the "catchers" as my rostered linemen and the line-orcs as journeymen or mercs in a league setting. Probably. It might come down to which of the five I like the paintjob best.

With the troll already mentioned, the starplayers Ugroth Bolgrot (who must have hidden during the photoshoot), Morg, Ripper, Scrappa Sorehead, and Bomber Dribblesnot, that nearly gives me the range of figures and options I want. I'm fairly sure I have a 2nd ed. goblin or two kicking around that I can repurpose for this team, leaving me just three figures I'm hunting for:

Blocker #2 (yes, I mentioned him already):

Varag Ghoulchewer:

and this kicker (again, no longer a specific positional but I think he looks perfect as a fouling dirty player about to put the boot in):

If you have any of those three going spare, I have bloodbowl trades just waiting (mostly 2nd and 3rd ed. skaven, but also some dice and a couple of other bits).

Get your pre-match training in, Blood Bowl season is here again!

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