14 April 2016

Terrain boards - 06

Things I have learned flocking these boards.

  1. You need more scenic cement. No, more than that. 
  2. You don't need as much flock as you think, but you do need variety
Other than that, I'm rather pleased with how they look for their first layer. Some bits need the gaps filling, other bits have a rather stark colour change, the edges need thickening up, and the large "village" bare patch needs to have the edges feathered with some earth blend. Getting there!

The process I've been following is to mix up some flock (Woodland Scenics burnt grass fine turf, weeds fine turf, mixed earth blend, burnt grass coarse turf, Javis bright green meadow scatter, a couple of bits and bobs that I had already but long since lost the labels for) in a tub, brush on some scenic cement, scatter the flock on thickly, let it dry for a couple of hours, stand the board on its side and tap the back firmly, gather up all the flock that falls off, repeat!

The flock:

In progress:

First flock done:

With a slightly odd cast given by being on a weird setting on my son's camera, and the gaps fairly obvious:

A spot of gap-filling tonight, an overspray with scenic cement tomorrow when it's all dry, the careful placement of shrubby bits, and then it will be a playable surface. Hurrah!

Till then,


  1. What was your rationale for choosing flock over static grass? Aesthetics, practicality? I had quite the internal discussion over my decision to go for static grass.

    1. Mostly aesthetics (I've never been happy with the way I've made static grass look), but also partly accidental. I followed the suggestion of Captain Blood on the Lead Adventure Forum, expecting "fine turf" to be really short static grass. I'm glad, though, as I really like the look at this scale.