13 April 2016


So, there I was, searching for the best product to fill my rivers with (pictures of the first flocking tomorrow, I reckon), when


I suddenly found I'd hunted down and bought a 2nd Ed Orc team for Bloodbowl, done some swaps to reduce duplicates, and engaged in a potential "if there's anything at Salute" troll part-trade.


On the plus side, I love Blood Bowl and orcs were the first team I took to a tournament (the BB GT at GW's Lenton HQ back in... 2006?) and the boys are keen to play more. It'll horlix my painting plans for the year, but I don't care!

Back on the terrain project, I'm almost at the playable stage. The first layer of flock is down and I'll probably be able to overspray it with scenic cement tonight. I also got a pack of bare trees from China at 20p each, delivered, and may experiment with them tonight as well.

The original Jim and Bob art, recoloured to accompany the GW rerelease that is coming.
It is perhaps typical that I get back into a game and get retro figures for it just as GW decide to meddle with it again. It's what happened with Space Hulk and, to a lesser extent, with Age of Sigmar-Marines. Ho-hum.

Avoid double-skulls, fellow coaches,



  1. You want to talk about squirrels?

    I got 40 odd zombies for my Trolltooth Wars project half done on the painting table next to Ice Warriors, Cybermen, various companions of the Doctor and the Master. I have half finished epic Tzeentch and Slannesh armies in boxes and a "Path to Glory" Chaos warband planned on paper.

    And now you mention Bloodbowl and remind me of my Orc team that has been languishing in a box for far too long!

    I'm intrigued to see what GW do with Bloodbowl but am sure I'll be more than happy with my old versions.

    Are you making up your own team or going for an old favourite with your Orcs?

    1. I guess it was inevitable, there's so much out there for games I already play, never mind new models (or old models I couldn't afford at the time)...

      I haven't decided on the team yet. I'm drawn to making a new team (provisionally the "World's End Wyverns"), but the colours are undecided at them moment, maybe dusky-red and bone?