9 April 2016

Terrain boards - 05

Another day of holiday, another step closer to being able to play on these boards. This time, the initial drybrushing, followed by the spotting of blue foam that somehow escaped paint, dammit!

I did several layers of drybrushing, all with a cheap 4" brush from Wilkinson's (a quid, I think, grey handle and black bristles). First I used the main base paint I'd used in my board coating mix (Valspar "Norwegian Wood"), then increasingly added some of a sample pot I'd got free with a voucher a couple of years back,

I think I tried to get it matched with the old GW Graveyard Earth, but it's called Velvet Truffle 3. Eventually I went up to pure Truffle #3 for where I intend there to be paths or a bare patch of ground as a potential village space. Having looked again today since it dried fully, I think I'm going to need to go even sandier on those patches; I have  couple of craft paints in suitable tones to have a go with.

I also drybrushed the rocks and cliffs in the same way, steering away from the standard grey and trying for a more Cotswolds warm stone effect. I was pretty pleased with this (possibly a slight grey/beige top brush still to go) and started to take celebratory photographs...

... so I moved on to some close-ups and revealed some blue horror!

Now, I knew there'd be some touching up to do, but the flash really brings out the blue I missed covering beautifully. In a way it's useful. Yes. Useful. Definitely not really annoying.

On the up side, Mrs Rab has a friend over today so I shall hide away in the cellar after the boys are in bed and see if I can get to the stage where I can apply the turf and flock which arrived today from the very quick and well-priced Track Shack. Cheaper than Amazon or Ebay, and arrived in under 24 hours. Can't say fairer than that.

All that, combined with a parcel of 2nd Ed BloodBowl orcs arriving, an elderly neighbour giving us two pristine boxed sets of Hornby 00 (the Flying Scotsman and an Intercity 125) and refusing anything in return, and my dad being given six months off his chemotherapy because he's responded so well? Yes, today is a GOOD day.



  1. Very impressive progress
    I've really enjoyed these posts - thanks

    1. Glad to hear it, as I've at least one more to come before I take a break to pluck up courage to do the river :)